I’ve been getting a LOT of spam comments on here, lately. I wonder if it’s actual people writing these. If so, STOP – I WON’T APPROVE SPAM COMMENTS. I need to approve something for it to appear on the page, so there’s no point wasting your time.

Anyway, I’m having fun reading some of them. I suppose they know it’s a wordpress site, and make comments on how amazing and helpful for their research my articles are. (“That’s a smart answer to a difficult quetison.”, as one person said. By the way, I’m wondering: are they making typos so that I think they’re real humans reading and commenting on my stuff?)

Some  are completely random, like this one:

“HALLELUJAH! I’m so glad to hear someone else say that Brad lvneiag JENNIFER ANISTON for Angelina Jolie was the dumbest.move.ever. Angelina is a beautiful woman, but needs to come eat a burger with me a few times a week.”

But it’s more, um, interesting when they seem related at first. I think that’s the most confusing one that I’ve got so far:

“Yes!!! I too love what Lena shows about my own country. All the thgins I take for granted look so unique in her pictures :) And blue skin is usually used to show dark skin in paintings here in India. The blue man does look Indian :D

So… She knows the main character’s name, but I guess nothing else? What blue man? It’s kinda late so I’m almost getting paranoid, wondering if I’ve actually written about a blue man that looks Indian.

I also got one that said that xkcd is trying to rip off my comic. Thanks for the warning! I’m sure this is very seriously happening. Randall Munroe is truly in need of my comic ideas because he’s not doing that well on his own. *nod, nod*

This one just stood out to me, partly because it made me wonder for a second whether it’s an actual comment or not (it was the first one I read that referred to this as a comic):

“omg this comic was so funny. i love your sense of humor, especially with the iltatlrusions.for the people who can’t figure out the purpose of this comic: not all comics need to have life lesson. but if u had to pull a moral out, for some compulsive reason (kidding), i guess you could say that andrew is trying to tell us: have some fun with whatever lame summer job you get as a high school student. if you can allow the skills, from even a demeaning supermarket job, to help you later in life in your career, good for you”

I love how she felt the need to pull a moral out of my comic and share it with people! :D Whoever andrew is, I guess I wrote him well after all :)



“For the love of God, keep wrtinig these articles.” “Good to find an epxret who knows what he’s talking about!” “Leanring a ton from these neat articles.” “Just cause it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not super heflpul.”

I will leave you with that. You’re welcome, people of the Internet. I’m glad you are finding my epxret “articles” heflpul, keep leanring from them.