You can now use comic rocket to read Fruit Jacket! Nobody is paying me to be excited about this, but I really love the site. It remembers where you left off and lets you know when new pages are added. I’ve stopped reading webcomics without it, it’s so useful :)

I’m slowly making peace with the fact that I love torturing Lena. When I started this I was thinking of her as a cheerful person and was a bit afraid to show her getting mad. But as I go on I think I’m having too much fun with her reactions! I can’t say I’ve done too much pre-planning, but I still find it very true that characters become their own people once you start writing.

I spent last weekend at Comicdom Con, a comics convention in Athens, and I absolutely loved it :) If you’re here because you were there, too, welcome! Feel free to say hi.

Something that’s still bothering me with the site is the, hm. I don’t even feel like calling it speed, it’s so slow. I’ll have to stop procrastinating looking into that at some point. Please be patient :(