Yes, Lena does hang out with people other than Magda! We’ve already met this one, here.

Sorry for the huge block of text! You don’t have to read it. I knew it’s a big no-no and I still did it to exaggerate. The size of the image doesn’t help. Argh :D Moving on…

Hello from Brussels!

In the spirit of me being here and wanting to get ALL the franco-belgian comics (especially those targeted to teenagers), I tried a new style inspired by one of the comics I bought. What do you think?

Actually, Fruit Jacket as a whole is inspired by these comics. When I was thinking of starting my own webcomic, I liked the idea of it having a general theme and a gag per page, with some continuity but not a¬†necessary beginning, middle and end (even though I’ve already thought of the ending of FJ). ¬†Originally I was meaning to have one challenge / gag per page, but as I got to writing, each challenge started to take up more space, and I went with it.