A little late, but here it is! I spent the whole day… and night… and day (it’s afternoon now) drawing. Currently listening to Abba and I’m really happy this is done and I technically didn’t miss the deadline! I’m still experimenting with how I draw the comic, as you can see. I’ll keep that in mind next time I say I’m keeping a style… I’ll probably be lying! :$ I’m having too much fun trying new things. Unless I discover “My Style” or at least the “FJ Style” and decide to stick with it. I’m not saying that won’t happen, eventually. For now I hope all these changes are nice to look at, too. I see them as improvement, anyway.

Just in case you are really curious about what they’re saying in this (and the previous) page, you can take a look at this. BUT! I have to  admit that the dialogue is not really making sense. I decided to make them speak Simlish instead of total nonsense because a. I really think it’s a lovely sounding language, b. I am in love with the Sims and c. Since Nel sent me this dictionary, I could have them say actual sentences (sort of). There only are so much phrases in this dictionary, though, so I only chose things that Sort of make sense. I don’t suppose that Lena and her friends really know what they’re saying – the script would have been exactly the same even if there were no way to translate it.