Have I mentioned Alex’ name before? Probably not… Well here it is! I’m trying to keep a balance between Greek and readable names. Hope it’s working!

One thing I’d like to tell you about this week is Book Depository. It’s an online bookstore that offers free worldwide shipping! I’m not kidding. I haven’t bought books from any other site since I found out about it, a few years ago. The news is that I’ve joined their affiliate program, which means that if you buy anything from them after having clicked on this link or the banner below the blog post and comments, I get a small comission from that.
I don’t expect to become rich from this comic (for now all that I’ve made is minus the amount that it cost me for the domain name and hosting), but I do give it a lot of my time every week. If you already have a book (maybe a comic?) in mind, it won’t cost you anything to support the comic while ordering it – with free shipping! Or just keep this in mind for whenever you do want to get a book, the link will be there (if you don’t use an ad blocker).

And I’m mentioning the ad blocker because for a few minutes after first adding the ad boxes on the site, I couldn’t figure out why they just weren’t there… Until I used another browser with no ad blocker. x) Oh dear.

That’s the end of my rant for this week, make sure to come back next Friday – We’ll be celebrating Fruit Jacket’s first half birthday!  :’)