So, as I said last week, we are now celebrating the first half birthday of the comic :)

half birthday cake

Apparently there are such things as half birthday cakes, isn’t that cool?


I’m happy to say I made it to 6 months without missing a single update, yay! Next goal is to build a buffer, or at least get pages ready before Friday actually arrives, so that I at least have time for the shading and stuff *sigh*. I’m not always happy with how pages turn out, but FJ is still my longest comic to date, and I’m learning a lot in the process – which was the point right from the start. I’m always happy to read comments and I’m open to constructive critisism too, so feel free to comment! I’ve been looking at the analytics for the comic, and I realized that I can no longer say that I know everyone who’s visiting every week :P

As you probably didn’t notice, in the spirit of celebration, I added an Archive page to the site. You can easily go through each storyline that way.