I made a guest strip for Girls with Slingshots so if you’re here because of it, hi!! Welcome :) I feel like I’m expecting guests and I’m a little nervous about how tidy the place is. This is a very new comic, it only has 4 pages up so you can easily read it all in like 2 seconds and make me feel unproductive. I hope you like it and bookmark it so that you can check back every Friday for new content!

Hm, the whole point of the comic is Lena challenging herself to do something different each week, so¬† I feel like I’m cheating by not getting into the challenges yet… But I thought it couldn’t hurt to add a flashback before them. Plus, break ups are so much fun, amirite? x)

Oh and I really liked the idea of adding a top 5 list in the comic. I love lists! Which I’m now thinking is probably obvious by the fact that I’m making a whole comic on the subject of someone following a list of weird things to do.