Who lets microwave pop corn go to waste like that? D:

For this page, I went back and found clothes that Lena has already worn. It only recently dawned on me that she can’t possibly be wearing new clothes all the time x)

Continuing from last week, here’s a couple of more comic book recommendations in the spirit of Christmas not really being that close.

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Bone is a classic one but I only yesterday recently read the first book. The cartooning is amazing, it’s really funny, and when I got it someone told me to not be fooled by how much it resembles a fairy tale, because it will hurt later…

There’s a very specific point in the book where I fell in love with it because of the cartooning. Click on the image below to see what I’m talking about.




The Guild is about a group of people who meet through an online RPG called the Game. (If you haven’t seen the webseries, you can spend 4 minutes watching the first episode here.)

Even if you haven’t watched the series, the comic is really funny and well written and tells the story of how Cyd broke up with her last boyfriend and got into the Game in the first place.