Mondays work so much better for the comic. I even added shading for this page! I also updated the way Lena’s house looks, from the last time I showed it xD

I had written a critique for a book that I just realized is unavailable on Book Depository, so I’ll recommend something different this week. I’ll keep recommending (comic) books until Christmas or so. Remember that if you buy anything at all after clicking on this or the following links, you’re helping out the comic *and* you get free shipping :)

I’ve always been keeping diaries and loved the idea of illustrating them and pasting stuff like chat conversations in them. So I couldn’t not like Happyface. It’s a fictional, beautifully illustrated diary. The protagonist moves to a different city and gets the chance to redifine his personality!

Two copies of the Happyface book

The Happyface book with(out) its jacket on