Hey, happy new year!

I skipped last week so this is the first comic of the year. Which means that FJ has been online for a year :)

I hope you like the more story-based comics. I’m enjoying them more, it’s actually what I was hoping this comic would look like instead of just a list of weird things that Lena does. I was hoping for pages that are challenge-related but also somehow progress the story.

Fruit Jacket has been my biggest project so far so I’ve learned quite a bit from it. Art things, writing things, and other things.

One of the other things, after having missed a few deadlines lately, is to decide to give myself a break during the holidays, for example, instead of believing that I should be productive no matter what. If I keep this going, I’d rather say that I’m taking a break in advance than spend days worrying about not having enough time.

On the bright side, another other thing is seeing how much it’s improved just because I set a weird deadline for myself. I love that, so I’m not stopping this comic unless I have a better script ready for the next one. :D