Hi all! Alright, it’s been more than three weeks. But my big project is over and I’m working on the script right now so you can have a regular comic update next week :)

For those of you who don’t know, my big project was a lesbian themed zine with comic strips (that is currently only available in Greek). I had to make it in time for Comicdom, a comic convention in Athens. It went amazingly well! It sold out, got fantastic reviews and I had a blast at the con. :D I’ve reprinted it and I’m thinking about translating it soon. Info on where you can get it:¬†here.

Now back to Fruit Jacket, I’ve spent some time on the site and updated a few things. Most importantly:

My tumblr and twitter accounts are now changed – Explanation here.

I changed the Book Depository banner on the bottom of the page. For anyone new to this: I am an affiliate, which means that if you buy any books after having clicked on this banner, I get a small percentage. It costs nothing extra for you and it’s a way to support me if you like the things I make. I honestly love Book Depository because it has free shipping on books, so I’d recommend it anyway. If you buy books online already, click on the banner¬†(or here) so that it will remember me next time you make an order. Also do it if you’ve done it before, because they changed the system (merged the .co.uk with the .com site) so it won’t count if you’ve ¬†previously clicked on it. Thanks! :)

I’m glad to be back :) See you next week with an actual comic!